Q. What is StyleHaul Society?

Now that you're in the network, you'll have access to our creator dashboard called StyleHaul Society - available exclusively to StyleHaul members! Here, you'll be able to check payments, track channels, see analytics and benefit from a number of perks, including getting access to Epidemic Sound's music library for free!  Through this platform we'll also bring you, from time to time, opportunities to participate in paid brand campaigns, contests and giveaways! Learn more about this dashboard here.

Q: How much will I earn each month?

A: StyleHaul pays you based upon your channel's monthly views, including all claimed views and mobile. The more views you get the more money you will earn!

Q: How do I get my payments set up each month?

A: Please fill out your payment information on the Society dashboard.  Log in to https://society.stylehaul.com/profile. If you've forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in, just click "forgot password", and we'll send you a new one. From the profile page click on the button that says payment details. If you have any question regarding payments please email Willow.Clarke@stylehaul.com.   

Q: Can I choose how I would like to get paid?  

A: You will be paid according to how you filled out your payment details. You can be paid via direct deposit (US residents only) or PayPal.  

Q: When do I get paid by StyleHaul?

A: You will receive your first StyleHaul payment at the end of the month following the month you joined (for example, if you join May 10th, your first payment from us will be at the end of June). Going forward, at the end of each month, you will receive your payment from StyleHaul for the previous month along with a Monthly Earnings Report.

Q: What is the minimum amount I need to earn each month in order to get paid?   

A: We will pay out monthly as long as you earn at least $25. If you do not earn $25 in a given month, we will pay you once you accumulate at least $25.

Q: Can I still see my analytics when I join StyleHaul?  

A: Yes, please log in to your StyleHaul Society account to view them.     

Q: Can I access my AdSense account once I join the StyleHaul Network?   

A: Upon joining StyleHaul, your YouTube channel is incorporated under StyleHaul’s AdSense rather than your individual AdSense, which is how we are able to facilitate paying you. However, if you have a blog or website, you will still be able to see those earnings in your personal AdSense account. 

Q: I still have money in my AdSense account! Will AdSense pay out my earnings even if the amount is under the $100 threshold?  

A: New providers will receive a final payment directly from AdSense if their remaining balance is above the $100 minimum on your same AdSense payment schedule. If your balance is less than $100 and you do not have another source of AdSense revenue (e.g. a website, a blog, or another channel that is not part of StyleHaul), StyleHaul will compensate you for the remaining amount in your AdSense account. Please send a screenshot of your AdSense Finalized Earnings to Lisa@stylehaul.com.

Q: How do I project my StyleHaul earnings? (This is only an estimate.)


  1.  In your YouTube Channel, go to “Video Manager” then “Analytics then “Estimated Earnings.”
  2. Ensure the appropriate date range is selected in the drop down menu in the upper right corner (it shows “Last 30 Days”). To show specific dates, select “Custom Range.”
  3. Multiply the “Total Estimated Earnings” figure by your revenue share percentage. For example, if you are on a 60/40 revenue share, multiply “Total Estimated Earnings” by 60%.


We can proudly say that we offer Epidemic Music Library to all our channels in our network. Go directly to their website to register and start using their music library today: http://www.epidemicsound.com/ 

The general rule about music is that if you recognize a song from the radio you cannot use it without written permission from the owner of the content. This includes any length of a song video (i.e. even 5 seconds over your intro), or background music in your video. You will not be able to make money on videos with music that is not royalty free. Under copyright laws, songs from the examples below CANNOT be claimed for monetization:  

  • Anything purchased on iTunes
  • Your own covers of popular songs
  • The radio turned on in the background of your video
  • Karaoke Tracks of popular songs

In addition to Epidemic, many other sites also offer royalty free music. Make sure to read their rules of use carefully, as the rights granted may vary from song to song and library to library.

While many of these sites have free music, some require you to pay for the rights and only allow you to use the music for broadcast one time. Always be certain to check the song you want to use regardless of where you pull it. Be sure to read the description of each song for the requirements of use. You can only claim a video if the music or image used is royalty free or used with permission. And since you are paid on all claimed views, it is also in your best interest to maximize monetization by staying away from copyright infringing materials.     

Here is a list of recommended sites:

Approved Royalty Free Music List  

Q: What happens if I use copyright music?   


  1. The copyright holder places a claim on the video and monetizes on it, meaning you will not earn revenue from that video even though it is on your channel and continues to receive views.
  2. The copyright holder places a claim on the video and blocks it, in which case the video comes down and no one is able to watch it unless the disputed claim is resolved.
  3. The copyright holder places a strike on your channel. If you receive 3 copyright strikes, YouTube will delete your channel.

Q: My video got tagged for copyrighted material. What should I do?   

A: You don't have to click “acknowledge,” you can just leave it be and after 30 days, the disputed claim will be considered resolved. It is highly recommended you cease using copyrighted music, even in small sections or with Fair Use intent (Fair Use is something generally reserved for news sources that need to present possibly copyrighted material as part of a critique). Music that runs in the background of a video, regardless of the video's topic, does not fall under this category.

Q: How come I’m not receiving money from my tagged video?   

A: The owners of the music being used (the third or fourth parties) have noticed you are using their music without permission; therefore, they have been taking all the funds you are making through that video.   

Q: How do I claim my videos?  

A: Your videos will automatically be claimed provided there is no matched 3rd party content. You can confirm your videos are monetized by looking for the green $ next to your videos in the Video Manager. If the $ is grayed out, the video is not monetized. Simply click on the gray $ and you will be directed to the monetization tab where you can enable this. If you are not directed to the monetization tab, something has most likely been matched on their video and this option may not be available.

Q: How to credit music/images:

A: Before you can claim a video, you must credit the artist in the description field (royalty free) or provide documentation of permission to use (not royalty free). This will make it clear to StyleHaul and any monitoring system that you have done your due diligence and you are cleared for use. Images and video also require permission from their rightful owner. If the image or video is not yours and you do not have permission from the owner, it is best to not use these visuals on your channel.

Q: How can I collaborate with other channels?  

A: We encourage you to communicate with other StyleHaul partners and film a video together. You can communicate with each other on our private Facebook page, social media and even YouTube.  You May also reach out to your network manager to help facilitate/coordinate.              

Q: How do I merge my YouTube channel to Google+?  

A: Instructions:

  1. Disconnect your YouTube channel from your personal Google+ profile (check steps on attached PDF).
  2. Then, go to your Google+ account and create a brand page. You can do this by opening up the drop down on the left and selecting "Pages."
  3. Once you have created a brand page with your desired channel name, watch this video that explains how to relink your YouTube account with this newly created brand page. Link here

Q: How do I change my URL?  

A: Login to YouTube account 1) Click on your Avatar on the top right-hand side 2) Click on Settings 3) Click on Advanced 4) Here, you can change your URL **If YouTube already has the URL you may have to try several times. You can only change a URL address one time, so make sure it is something you want to keep forever.

Q. How do I get my channel verified?

A. To get your channel verified please email your network manager with the links to all your social accounts, your YouTube page as well as your Google+ account and we’ll do our best to get it verified.