How to optimize your tags

Correctly tagging your video will help it rank higher in YouTube’s algorithm. A higher ranking amounts in higher views for your video and channel as a whole!

Here are the some key tips to remember about tagging:

  1. Similar to your title and description, your most important keywords need to be prominent in your tags.
  2. A common mistake is to include many different topics in your tags such as the name of the camera equipment or your country of residence. This confuses the algorithm. A better strategy is to concentrate on 1-3 topics that your video is about and write all tags as variations on those topics.
  3. The first tag should be your channel name, followed by any common misspellings of your channel name.
  4. Optimally, every video should contain between 20-26 tags. To make tagging more effective, all four categories of tags should be included:
    1. Specific Tags: These are one-word keywords that represent the subject of your video such as makeup, travel, Primark etc.
    2. Compound Tags: These are multiple-word tags such as spring makeup tutorial, travel bag shopping, Primark makeup haul etc. In addition, copy the title of your video and use it as a tag.
    3. Generic Tags: These are words like how to, tutorial, and vlog. This is an important category of tags. Make sure to include these in every video!
    4. Misspellings: include common misspellings of your keywords as people will search for these.

Channel Tags

  • Include your channel name & any common misspellings of your channel name in this section.
  • A good strategy when writing your channel tags is to include a selection of high volume keywords (commonly searched for keywords such as beauty, makeup etc.) in addition to medium and small volume keywords that are more specific to your channel.