Measure your succes with youtube analytics: average view duration and watch time

YouTube Analytics is an invaluable tool that will help you measure your channel’s growth, decide what type of content is working on your channel, and figure out what type of videos appeal to your subscriber base.

average view duration and watch time

Watch time is defined as the total number of minutes that a specific video (or channel) is watched by viewers. Why is this metric important? Because watch time is one of the main factors that decides your ranking in the YouTube algorithm. The higher your watch time – the higher you’ll show up in search results and recommendations!

One of the best ways to increase your watch time is to increase your average view duration. To check your current average view duration:

1.     Sign in to your YouTube account.

2.     Click your account icon <Creator Studio.

3.     Navigate to the Overview tab under Analytics.


4.     The Overview tab contains a summary of various channel metrics including your channel’s overall average view duration for a specific period of time.

Now that you know where to find your average view duration, here are some key strategies that will help you increase it:

1.     Post consistently! This alone will help increase your watch time. And if you need another reason to follow this important rule: evidence suggests that missing just two weeks in a row can negatively affect your ranking in the algorithm.

2.     Produce and upload long form content: 10+ minutes long. Look at it this way, a video that’s 10 minutes long and has an average view duration of 4 minutes will still have a higher watch time than a video that’s 5 minutes long but has an average view duration of 3 minutes. (Given all other factors are equal.)

Specialize your channel! Make sure you’re making content for a specific demographic. In the words of Gielen, one of the researchers that wrote Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm, “the algorithm is designed to promote channels that are capable of uploading videos that get and keep a large swath of their niche audience watching. If you want to be successful on YouTube the best advice we can give you is to focus on one very specific niche interest and make as many 10-minute or longer videos as you can about that singular topic.”