How to improve your video's discoverability using VidIQ for chrome


Getting Started – VidIQ Overview

VidIQ is a free chrome browser extension that can increase your video’s discoverability via search and suggested traffic. The platform is made up of two key components:

Chrome Extension: (Download here, if you haven't already) This YouTube sidebar will appear in your Chrome browser. It will display detailed metrics on every video you browse to – not just your own!

Web App:  Navigate to  to log into your account. Here you’ll have access to more detailed channel analytics.

VidIQ SEO Score

In order to improve your video’s discoverability, try to bring your VidIQ SEO score to a 70-100 range. If you hover over the SEO score, you’ll see a breakdown of how you scored on different metrics: 

Tag count: did you use the optimal number of tags? Ideally, each video should contain an average of 20 tags. Make sure that they are all relevant to your video. You want to present a consistent message to YouTube’s algorithm regarding your content. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.36.32 PM.png

Tag volume: did you use popular keywords as some of your tags? Keywords such as “how to”, “tutorial”, “hack”, “haul” are popular search queries.

Keywords in title: did you include your most important keywords in your title?

Keywords in description: did you include your most important keywords in your description?

Tripled keywords: did you triple your keywords across title, description, and tags?