Q. How do I check my earnings?

Just click the arrow by your name on the top right corner of the navigation bar on your dashboard to open the drop down menu. Click on Balance to view your earnings.

 Q. What new features does this dashboard provide?

You can now benefit from deeper analytics insights, channel optimization tools, access to brand campaigns and new perks among other things.

 Q. Tell me about the analytics tools.

Charts, charts and more charts! You can pretty much track anything on YouTube (any video, channel or playlist, not just your own)! Use the tabs ANALYZE, CHANNELS, CHANNEL GROUPS, VIDEOS, PLAYLISTS and VIDEO GROUPS, to keep track of performance and get valuable insights on content you care about.

 Q. Can I also track Facebook and Instagram profiles?

Your dashboard allows you to also link any Facebook Page and Instagram profile that you manage. To access the Facebook section, click the Facebook icon on the left navigation. Click “Connect Here” to connect your Facebook account so we can track your business page(s). You’ll see a prompt to allow “Dashboard to manage your Facebook pages….”, once you accept, you’ll be able to get insights on who’s watching your videos, how are your fans finding and watching your videos, where do your fans live and where are they watching your content, among other things.

 Q. How do I optimize my videos?

Bulk updating your videos just got a whole lot easier! With the “Optimization” tool you can now bulk update titles, descriptions, and tags on some or all of your videos. Just select the metadata you would like to edit and dive in.

 If you are promoting a new product or an upcoming event, you can add messaging to all of your video descriptions. You can easily rollback the changes once the event is over.

Navigate over to the “Tasks” tab to check out all of the tasks you’ve created. Rollback, replay, or copy any task.

Q. How do I access brand campaigns?

From time to time, we’ll bring you brand opportunities that you may want to take advantage of. Click on the star icon on the left navigation menu and then go to Campaigns to check for new opportunities regularly.

Q. Where can I edit my profile and link my social accounts?

Click on the wrench icon in navigation bar on the left to access your profile settings. Make sure to connect your social accounts. This will allow you to access analytics tools and track your growth.