Write searchable descriptions

When it comes to optimizing a video for organic search, the description is one of the make-or-break areas that’s worth spending some time on. Here are some tips on how to optimize your description:

  1. Triple your keywords to boost your watch time and organic reach. Always include the words from your title in your description.

2. Put the most important keywords toward the beginning of your description.

3. Give an overview of what the video is about using natural language – not just a stream of keywords.  

4. Include a call to action, such as “don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday”.

5. Link to your other content: make sure the video always links to at least 1 other video and 1 other playlist on your channel.

6. Preview the description in YouTube search, on the video's watch page and on various mobile devices to make sure that the most important information is visible.

Think of the description as having two parts.

Above the fold:

The area above "Show more" is visible in search results, on the video’s watch page and on user's feeds. This is the best place to include keywords that describe what your video is about. Viewers must click "Show more" to see the rest of the description.

Below the fold:

The remainder of your description will appear when "Show more" is clicked. Use this area to link out to additional content, add social links, and insert a brief channel description.


Measure your success with YouTube Analytics:

Find out if you’ve optimized your title and description with the correct keywords by checking the Traffic Source report in YouTube Analytics.

Select YouTube Search under Traffic Source to view which keywords or key phrases drove traffic to your video. If any major or important themes of your video don't appear in your search report, it could be because you didn’t include those words in your description.

Step 1.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.36.16 PM.png

step 2.

Step 3.